If it’s opinions you want then they don’t get much bigger than our London Cabbies. Gobby, mouthy and sometimes informed, find out who they’ve had in the back of their cabs, and more importantly just how good they are at football. Or were.

George Davis:

West Ham fan George will always claim to be Scottish even though he only stayed there for a day! Georges often brags that his uncle, Bertie Peyton, managed Dunfermline. You will always see Georgie’s cab outside a coffee shop most days! Great players have great turns and everyone in training loves the ‘Georgie Shuffle’! George’s greatest claim to fame is his big toe which wouldn’t look out of place on the elephant man. Played non league for Belvedere and his favourite game is monopoly while drinking a cocktail.

Scott “Hummy” Humm

Arsenal supporting Scott captained every team he played for, even at Subbuteo. Going a ‘bit thin on top’ now, the lads are always offering to have a whip round to buy him a ‘syrup’! Scotty could play any where in the back 4 or the middle of the park. Sadly broke his ankle while at Charlton  and took his anger out at non league clubs; Clapton, Collier row, Erith and Belverdere , Tower Hamlets & Barking. Still talks a great game even though it’s all drivel and is a big fan of Boney M.

Gary “Jacko” Jackson

Jacko is a Millwall fan and admits his career has not gone to plan. Always found himself on the subs bench and was mostly used to cut the oranges and hold the valuables bag. He looks sharp as a pin in training with his darting runs but when in front of goal just goes to pieces. His highlight came last year when he scored a corker at Upton Park.
Always coming up with ways to make a fortune and wished he invented Ker-Plunk.

Danny Warden

Danny was at the Arsenal for many years but never disclosed he’s a Spurs fan. Comes from a family of footballers and once kept Ray Parlour, the Romford Pele, out of the Arsenal reserves. A broken ankle finished Dans career which leaves Danny now sometimes called The Mile End Mug. Danny has been likened to David Ginola with his greying hair but in truth is more like Bette Davis’s barnet in Psycho. Loves caravan holidays and cheap wine.

Russell “Russ the Cabbie” Hall

Russ is a Sinatra lovin’ west ham fan. A decent clogger who used to play for chelsea’ youth academy but blames a Evel Knievel style accident on his Chopper bike caused a premature end to his career! Played for Walthamstow Avenue and anyone else who were short on Saturdays and Sundays. Has a bar and a train set in his loft to while watching Cine 8 footage of his playing days.

All the Cabcast team are London licensed taxi drivers.
All still play regular vets football
All raise money for charity
All are FA Level 2 coaches except Dan
All know what their talking about when it comes to the ‘beautiful game’

  1. Nathan says:

    Wheres Swaby gone??

  2. Steve (iamozgooner) says:

    Why don’t you guys have the category “Greatest hyped players who flopped”, you could have players like Franny Jeffers the ‘fox in the box’ (Jacko maybe?) or Peter Marinello the Scottish wonder winger (Georgie Davies?). Great Pod, listen to it on my way home from work as i view the West coast mountains of Vancouver instead of South London’s grey slate rooftops! Cheers! Oz the Gooner (3rd Gen).

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